Supercharge your faculty and curriculum with artificial intelligence

Let our ai-first faculty productivity tools take over low-level administrative and teaching tasks, freeing up teacher time for high-touch, high-value student interactions.

Shift your time to what matters most.

It's time to give low-level, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks to the robots.

AI-Enhanced Discussions

Maximize productivity, feedback, and rates of interaction by giving your faculty access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence models. With CourseCollab's Discussion AI feature, faculty can respond to more students maintain stronger faculty presence.

Select, Click, Generate

Select a student's post, click, and let CourseCollab's AI Assistant create a first draft for you. Turn yourself into an editor instead of a writer, and save hours each week.

Customizable Prompts

Faculty can save weekly discussion topics to fine-tune Discussion AI and make generating discussion responses dead-simple.

Continuous Improvement

Faculty and Discussion AI work hand-in-hand to improve the generated responses. Enhance your faculty, enhance your discussions, enhance your courses.

Detect AI Content in the Classroom

CourseCollab is integrated with GPTZero's cutting-edge AI-detection API to give you the power to scan student content with a mouse click.

Select, Click, Detect

Select the student's text you'd like to scan, click, and receive a AI % Probability Score within seconds.

Easy Integration

No other account is needed, and our AI Detect features works with every LMS on the market.

Little Features, Big Impact

CourseCollab was built by educators, for educators. We know how important it is to call students by their preferred names, and how responding to every student's intro post in Week 1 sets the tone for the remainder of the term.

Save Preferred Names

Quickly enter a preferred name for students and have that name populated throughout your LMS. Save and manage your preferred names from term to term.

AI-First Introduction Drafts

Set the tone for your course by creating a general or detailed introduction responses for all of your students, quickly and efficiently.

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